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ENTOALLIESIn 2016, the Entomological Society of America will meet jointly with the International Congress of Entomology, September 25th to September 30th.

During the meeting in Orlando Florida, you’ll find signs posted with our email and contact information around the meeting venue, and in the Exhibit Hall.

The allies themselves will be wearing Square Buttons with the Allies Logo on it.

You can also contact us via this form:

All communication with the Allies is considered confidential.
(With the exception of anyone abusing our contact information for harassment purposes)

The Ento-Allies are not affilliated with the ESA, ICE, or any other Entomological organization.

You can also contact us via:

  • Text or Phone: 765.233.9728
  • DM @Ento_Allies on Twitter
  • Email us: entoally(at)