Contact us!

In 2020, the Entomological Society of America will meet Virtually. This is a unique situation related to COVID-19


Normally, during an in-person meeting, you would find signs posted with our contact information around the meeting venue. Official Ento-Allies could be identified by square buttons with our Allies Logo on it.

In our new virtual situation, we will have to rely more on digital communication.

You can contact us via:

  • Email us: entoally(at)
  • Text or Phone: 765-233-9728
  • Signal App (end-to-end encrypted texts): 765-233-9728
  • DM @Ento_Allies on Twitter

All communication with the Allies is confidential.

The 2020 Ento-Allies are:

  • Gwen Pearson
  • Jessica Ware
  • Marianne Alleyne
  • Andy Suarez
  • Anne Nielsen
  • Corrie Moreau

Ento-Allies are not affiliated with the ESA or any other Entomological organization or academic department.