How Does This Work?

Ento-Allies are, more than anything else, here to listen. We believe you. We know that harassment is real, and happens all the time. And we want to help stop it.

If you feel uncomfortable, intimidated, or targeted, we encourage you talk to someone. The purpose of Ento-Allies is to create visible and vetted colleagues that are available for you to talk to about your concerns and to support you. We will not judge you.

We will help you deal with your situation, and inform you about options. If you decide to do nothing and not report, that is OK.
Your information is yours; your story is under your control. It’s not about us, it’s about you.

The Ento-Allies are a semi-structured way to make reporting bad behavior easier, and to help conference attendees get the support they need. We can facilitate anonymous reporting, if that is preferred.  Anonymous reports will not be used in any disciplinary actions; they are only for information gathering and pattern seeking.

What We Will Do

No matter what you decide, we will support you and listen.  What happens is up to you.

You can choose to not report anything; or you can make a formal complaint.  Either way, you have our support and we will stay in touch through the process. We will not keep any records for anonymous reporters other than the type of incident and time/date. Keeping your information private and confidential is our promise to you.

What We Don’t Do

We are not enforcers. As fun as it might be to think of ourselves as Social Justice Ninjas, that’s not reality. Any punitive actions will be from the ESA, employers, or police, depending on what avenue you choose to report. If you report.

We will not be running around the meeting preventing anyone from having fun. Lots of people manage to have fun on a regular basis without hurting, coercing, or creeping on anyone. It can be done. It’s not even hard to do!

Who Are We?

ENTOALLIESThe 2017 Ento-Allies are identified by a square button with our logo.

  • Gwen Pearson
  • Jessica Ware
  • Marianne Alleyne
  • Andy Suarez
  • Gail Kampmeier
  • Corrie Moreau  (will not be at the 2017 Annual Meeting)

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Ento-Allies is not affiliated with the Entomological Society of America or any other entomological organization.
We exist to help people find appropriate resources and to provide extra support.